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Claridge One Stop Engineering

Claridge One-Stop Engineering – 11 Boulton Road, Reading, RG2 0HN


Who is Claridge One-Stop Engineering?
Established for over 20 years, Claridge is a one-stop engineering company offering; presswork up to 100 tonnes, welded fabrications, sheet metal work, tube manipulation and in-house powder coating. As well as a strong UK client base, they have a global audience, currently exporting to the USA, France, Germany, Czech Republic and Hungary.

Working with T A Fisher
Claridge One-Stop Engineering has been a tenant of T A Fisher since 1995! During this time their relationship with T A Fisher has expanded beyond landlord and tenant. T A Fisher has helped and advised Claridge One-Stop Engineering to achieve their vision and continued growth. T A Fisher visits at least once a year for a thorough catch up, and to help and advise in any way they can.

Boulton Road ticks all the boxes
Claridge One-Stop Engineering has been located at 11 Boulton Road for over 25 years, demonstrating what an ideal facility the property is. They use powerful presses, creating a noisy workplace environment, best suited to an industrial estate. The site has easy, fast access to the A33 and M4, perfect for HGV’s access for supplies, and distribution of their products to the UK and beyond. The site includes ample parking alongside the side and front of the detached building for employees and visitors alike.

A bright future ahead for Claridge One-Stop Engineering
Building upon the impressive development over 20 years, Claridge One-Stop Engineering is looking to continue to grow. With changing markets and new export opportunities ahead, Claridge One-Stop Engineering is well-positioned to expand, and have some exciting sales and marketing campaigns ahead to achieve this.

Claridge One-Stop Engineering Managing Director, Mike Hamilton says, “Having worked with T A Fisher for over 20 years I have always found them to be helpful, approachable, and extremely nice people to deal with as our landlords, who take a personal interest, and visit regularly. I would recommend T A Fisher as a landlord if you are looking for a business premises. They will always look after you as a tenant, are helpful, and not pushy in anyway or ever difficult to deal with.”