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Deals finalised in the rush to complete

Deals finalised in the rush to complete

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Three completions on T A Fisher properties took place in the run up to the introduction of additional stamp duty for buy-to-let investors.

The rush of demand was driven by landlords wishing to complete before Chancellor George Osborne’s new three per cent levy on homes not intended to be the buyer’s main residence, came into force on April 1.

T A Fisher celebrated the first completion at Fisher Court in Mortimer, the company’s previous home which has been converted into five apartments, all now reserved, and two apartments at Guildgate House in Crowthorne.

Appropriately the first completed deal at Fisher Court was an apartment in what was once the accounts department. Exactly 29 years and three months after T A Fisher took ownership of the building, its first residential owner picked up their keys.

And the new occupiers will have one advantage T A Fisher never had. Mortimer will be a short train ride from the proposed station at Green Park where 7,000 people are currently employed and where many more will be in future.

Guildgate House is now almost three quarters reserved with 11 of the 16 apartments spoken for. But as at Fisher Court, although the Chancellor’s stamp duty levy prompted investors to complete, they are by no means the main kind of purchasers.

The first completion at Guildgate House was by a lady looking for somewhere with more of a village feel than her previous home at Kennet Island in Reading and other owner-occupiers are attracted by Crowthorne’s appealing mix of shops and services without city centre hustle.

Managing director John Fisher said T A Fisher’s speciality of building smaller developments of higher quality homes tends to appeal more to owner occupiers while large scale investors tend to flock in their numbers to blocks in city centres.

He said: “We are getting a broad cross section of buyers, not just investors, it’s owner occupiers as well.”

To arrange a viewing at Guildgate House contact Romans on 01344 753110